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Electronic connection line-the trend of connector integration is obvious

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The rapid development of electronic technology makes terminal applications put forward higher and more diversified requirements for connectors. For example, the transmission rate of electronic equipment is getting higher and higher. In order to meet the transmission and exchange of large-volume data, connectors are proposed High-speed transmission and digital transmission requirements. In order to save equipment space and reduce equipment volume, more and more signals such as ordinary electrical signals, microwave signals, optical signals, high-voltage signals, power signals, etc. need to be integrated into the same connector, and each signal is required to be independent Transmission and mutual non-interference determines that the development trend of connector signal transmission integration will become more and more obvious. The miniaturization of electronic products also puts forward the requirements of miniaturization or even miniaturization for its matching connectors. For example, portable handheld digital products such as mobile phones and MP3s that have high requirements for connector miniaturization. The number of contacts and contact specifications of traditional connectors are generally unchangeable. If users need to change the number of contacts and specifications of contacts, they must switch to other connectors. However, the emergence of modular modular connector technology is more difficult to change. A good solution to this problem. Module combination allows users to load corresponding functional modules according to actual needs to meet different signal transmission requirements. This combination module allows users to combine different contact arrangements in the same housing to meet various user needs.

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